I Heart Gifts

Hi Swaggernauts, I have something really important to ask you. I’ve  known you for a long time and we’ve had so many good times together but I think maybe it’s time we take the next step in our relationship. Oh boy, I’m rambling again. What I’m trying to say is…

Would you mind being my…

Do you think it’s possible…

What are you doing next…

Oh whatever, I’ll just go right out and ask it.

Will you be my Valentine?


I know what you’re thinking. I just asked 17 million people at once to be my Valentine all at the same time. Just wait though, I’ll make it worth your while. After all, don’t you like gifts? I know that I Heart Gifts!

Starting today through Thursday, February 14th you’ll earn Double Cash Back or More on all your Valentine’s Day Shopping with I Heart Gifts!

Make Swagbucks I Heart Gifts your one stop shop for the perfect Valentine’s Day. Need help? Just consider us your Valentine’s Day cheat sheet:

So get in the romantic mood, find the perfect gift for that special someone in your life. Don’t have a special someone?  Treat yourself because you this is a Valentine’s Day event you don’t want to miss.

So how about it, will you celebrate Valentine’s Day with me this year?

-Team Swagbucks