New Survey Opportunity: PollFish Surveys

New Survey Alert! New Survey Alert!


Do you enjoy voicing your opinion through surveys? Is that your favorite way to meet your Daily Goal? Well, you’re going to love our newest survey addition: PollFish Surveys!

Here’s how PollFish surveys will work..




They will be located towards the bottom of your Gold Survey dashboard and will be worth 10SB per survey. All PollFish surveys will start with a PF followed by the Survey ID. These surveys are great because they are quick and 100% mobile friendly! Easy enough, right?

For all of our Swago enthusiasts out there, these surveys will count as a Gold Survey completion and will mark off that square on the board.  PollFish Surveys may or may not be available all of the time, so be sure to check your Gold Survey dashboard every day for new PollFish survey opportunities!