New Year, New Goals, New Bonus!

2018 is going to be a great year here at Swagbucks and we’re kicking it off with the January New Year’s Resolution Promotion!

For the month of January, you can set a goal with our January New Year’s Resolution promotion and earn a Big Bonuses based on the goals you set!

Here’s how it works:

Head over to the January New Year’s Resolutions Promotion page. Enter a resolution to achieve certain levels of Swagbucks activity. Then, click the Calculate Bonus button to see the bonus you’ll earn if you keep your resolution. The higher your resolution goals, the bigger your bonus! So, play around with the goals to see how big of a bonus you can earn.

But, just make sure your resolution goals are attainable because you must meet them all in order to receive your bonus.

Finally, after you’ve decided on your resolutions goals, click the Submit Your January Resolution button to set them for the month. Once you submit your resolution, you cannot change it. You have until January 10th, 2018 (11:59 PM PST) to submit your January Resolution.

Again once you click “Submit” you cannot change your goals.

Here’s a deeper dive into the 5 goals you’ll need to set:

  1. Total SB Earned
    1. Minimum Goal: 250 SB
    2. Excludes the following classes of SB
      1. Shopping Credits that are applied in the month of January, including those associated with Coupon Prints
      2. SB from the Monthly Bonus that’s awarded in connection with your Daily Goal
      3. SB from the To-Do List Bonus
  2. Gold Survey Completions
    1. Minimum Goal: 2 Surveys
    2. Please note that Profiler Surveys do not count toward Gold Survey Completions
  3. Watch Playlist Completed
    1. Minimum Goal: 3 Playlists
    2. This does not include SB earned from nCrave
  4. Swag Codes redeemed through the SwagButton
    1. Minimum Goal: 1 Swag Code
    2. Remember, we release Swag Codes on a Daily Basis so this should be an easy one to achieve
    3. Please note that the SwagButton is an extension on your internet browser. This is not available on mobile.
  5. SB Local Transactions
    1. Minimum Goal: 0
    2. Since SB Local is still expanding and not available in all cities we’re not going to make this a requirement. However, if you have participating stores or restaurants in your area, make sure to set a goal. Remember… the bigger the goal the bigger the bonus!


You have until January 10th to set your goals.

All members who achieve their goals will receive their bonuses on February 7th, 2018 by 5pm PT.


  1. Will all eligible SB earned from the 1st of the month count towards my Resolutions Goals.
    1. Yes, all eligible SB earned from the 1st of the month through the 31st will count towards the goals you set.
  2. Will my the bonus I earn from the Resolution Calculator count towards my Daily Goal Member?
    1. No, the bonus will not count towards your daily goal meter
  3. Are there any SB earned throughout the month of January that will not count towards my total SB earned goal?
    1. Yes, Any shop credits, including coupons prints will not count towards your SB earned goal.
    2. To-Do List Bonuses along with Daily Goal Meter Bonuses will not count towards your SB earned goal.
  4. Will the Daily Goal meter still be active for the month of January?
    1. Yes, the January Resolutions Calculator is not replacing your normal daily goal meter.
  5. What countries is this available in?
    1. US only
  6. If I complete the my survey profiler, will that count as a gold survey complete?
    1. Survey Profile completions will not count towards a gold survey completions goal.
  7. If I earn SB from a Watch Playlist on the SwagButton or through the Watch App, will that count towards my Watch Playlist Goal?
    1. App video playlists will count towards the goal you set however, video views from the SwagButton will not.
  8. Will SB earned from MyGiftCardsPlus count towards you total SB Resolution Goal?
    1. Yes, any SB you earn from MyGiftCardsPlus between January 1st and 11:59pm PT January 31st will count towards your Total SB Resolution Goal.
  9. Will Manual Credits Count towards my goals?
    1. Yes, as long as they are crediting within the month of January.

If you encounter any issues specific to setting your goals, please contact our Customer Support team by clicking here!