Swag IQ: Exciting Feature Announcement

Today, we’re excited to announce a significant feature enhancement to Swag IQ, our live-stream entertainment experience. Now, Players can earn Free Rejoins when they invite other people to play Swag IQ. This feature requires the latest version of the Swag IQ App, which is available in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.


To invite other individuals and earn Free Rejoins, Referring Players enter the Swag IQ App and click the Get Free Rejoins button in the middle of the app’s home screen or the Invite button in the lower left portion of the screen. From there, Referring Players will have a variety of options to send invitations to other individuals, including text message, email and Facebook shares.

In order for a Referring Player to earn Free Rejoins, a Referred Player must click on the link that a Referring Player sends them, download the Swag IQ App, register and complete the mobile phone verification process. Referred Players can also enter their Referrer’s Swagname from the 3 vertical buttons on the middle portion of the app’s home screen.


















In addition to receiving Free Rejoins to Swag IQ games, Referring Players will also receive the standard 10% SB bonus from Referred Players’ activity on Swagbucks.com as well as from their winnings in Swag IQ.

Players that have earned Free Rejoins will have the option, at their discretion, to utilize them during the course of any Swag IQ game at any question interval. Players with a balance of Free Rejoins get to use them lieu of using SB to rejoin a Swag IQ game. Players’ balance of Free Rejoins will appear just above the Get Free Rejoins button.

Once a Player has used all their Free Rejoins, they will then have the option to rejoin a game by redeeming SB, provided the Player has an SB balance sufficient to cover the number of SB required to rejoin the game at that point.


We hope this feature makes playing Swag IQ more fun and helps create more rewarding moments for Players. Share with us, in the comments below, your experience with this new feature.