Last Minute Shopping

Last Minute Gift Buying Tips That Pay

If you find yourself out-and-about this weekend finishing up your holiday shopping, please consider these tips as a way to pick-up extra SB along the way.

1. Order Online; Pick-Up In Store
This is the money-move (sorry Cardi B); not to mention the time- and aggravation-saving move! Get cash back and use coupon codes when you order last-minute gifts online, via Swagbucks, at any of the 40 stores that offer this service. Notables that support “order online, pick-up in store” include Walmart, The Home Depot, Target, Macy’s & Best Buy. The 2018 Shop Online, Pick-Up In-Store page catalogs the entire list.

I have personally used the “order online, pick-up in-store” feature at both The Home Depot (twice; once for a Makita power drill and another time for a garden hose) and Best Buy (for a MacBook sleeve). I received my SB on all three occasions.

2. Use Gift Cards to Pay for In-Store Purchases
Just about any store you might shop at this weekend accepts gift cards, both physical (plastic) AND electronic. And, where there’s a gift card, there’s always a deal. The online gift card malls always offer some form of savings off the face value of a card, either with a coupon code, a discount on the purchase price or cash back. Obviously, I’m partial to MyGiftCardsPlus, our home-grown gift card site, where you’ll get SB on all gift card purchases. And, if you’re a previous MyGiftCardsPlus buyer, you can expect to receive your gift card within 15 minutes of placing your order. (I recently bought a Jersey Mike’s Gift Card as I was walking into the restaurant; it was delivered before I finished placing my order…a #7 if you’re wondering).

Use the gift cards you buy to pay for in-store purchases you plan to make. You’ll benefit two ways. First, this helps you stay within budget (don’t spend too much more than what’s on your gift card). And, second, you’ll get SB when you buy gift cards online. Swagbucks catalogs all the gift card websites where you can get SB with your purchases. has a $5 off coupon on orders $50+ for first time customers.

3. Check-Out SB Local for Dining and Retail Options
Earlier this month, I reported that SB Local was humming with stores like Sephora, Hallmark, Under Armour, Payless Shoesource and Baskin-Robbins. Since then, Sephora and Under Armour have paused their campaigns but you can still get SB when shop in-store at Payless (how about slippers for as little as $3??), Hallmark (these itty bittys are pretty cute) and treat yourself at Baskin-Robbins.

And, as you’re dashing through the mall, be on the look-out for a favorite restaurant, like this one (yum!) or this one (saw Gwyneth Paltrow there) or this one, all three of which I personally enjoy.

4. Write A Card
It’s easy to drive yourself bananas trying to find the perfect gift, especially if you’ve waited to the last minute. But, sometimes, a thoughtfully written card will make much more of an impact than the latest tech gadget. So, find a quite space and open your heart to someone with kind words. You might just find that expressing yourself is the best gift you can give (just make sure you get SB, via SB Local, when you buy the card at a Hallmark store 🙂 ).

Happy Holidays! David