DIY of the Week: Pumpkin House Address

Here’s a festive way you can display your address outside your door! This DIY from InMyOwnStyle uses a foam pumpkin so you can use it for years to come. You could also try it with a real pumpkin for a more temporary version.


  • Foam Pumpkin
  • Hot Knife – This one is $19.99 from Michael’s and you can earn 4% Cash Back!
  • Computer printout of your address numbers. Or hand draw it yourself!
  • Needle
  • Tape


  1. Create your address on your word processor and print out.  Center the number printout on the front of the pumpkin.  Secure on pumpkin with tape.
  2. Use the tip of a needle to punch holes right along the outer edges of the numbers.
  3. Remove the paper to reveal the outline of each number.
  4. Plug in hot knife and let it get hot. It will take a few minutes.  Once heated, place the tip of the hot knife along one number to start cutting following the dotted lines.
  5. Once numbers or your design is cut out, use a nail file or piece of sandpaper to smooth the cut edges on the pumpkin.
  6. Put a battery operated tea light inside. Do NOT use a real candle if you are using a foam pumpkin.