DIY Of The Week: Pumpkin Centerpiece

This DIY Pumpkin Centerpiece is quick & easy to make and will work as both a centerpiece for Thanksgiving dinner or a simple way to give your home that holiday feel! This week’s project comes from Jessica Welling Interiors.

What you’ll need:

  • A tray
  • Pumpkins of different sizes
  • 4-6 foliage pieces
  • Pine cones (optional)


  • Start by arranging the foliage in your tray. It’s okay if they flop out for now- the pumpkins will help hold them in place later.

Photo from Jessica Welling Interiors
  • Add the biggest pumpkins.
  • Next, place the next-biggest pumpkins, and then the smaller ones. If your pumpkins came with skewers to help hold them in place, you can decide whether that is helpful. If it is, great. If not, these are easy to remove by either pulling them out or cutting them off.
  • Add a few pine cones if you like, and you’re done! You could hot glue this whole thing together if you want- it would certainly make moving it around easier. I didn’t glue mine because I see more possibilities for this wood tray!

Photo from Jessica Welling Interiors

See the full tutorial here.