DIY of the Week: Pumpkin Mesh Wreath

This is a less traditional take on a festive fall wreath that would look great on your door or hanging in your house as decor. The project is courtesy of Michaels, and if you purchase any of the supplies at Michaels through Swagbucks you can earn 4% Cash Back on your purchase. You can also find a 20% off coupon here.


  1. Wire wreath frame
  2. 12 inch wide orange mesh ribbon
  3. 5.5 inch wide green mesh ribbon
  4. Orange craft-safe spray paint
  5. Glue gun and glue sticks
  6. Scissors
  7. Orange pipe cleaners
First, in a well-ventilated area, spray the wire wreath frame with orange paint, then let it dry.
Twist 7 pipe cleaners across the top of the wreath frame, making sure to space them 3″ apart. Then, twist 8 more pipe cleaners 3″ apart across the wreath frame’s bottom. Once you’ve twisted them all onto the wreath form, add a dab of hot glue to each one to help hold it in place.
Take your orange mesh and measure a 12″ tail from its end. Place the mesh (at the 12″ mark) over the first pipe cleaner in the wreath frame’s bottom right corner, then twist the pipe cleaner around the mesh to secure. Tuck the 12″ tail into the inside of the wreath frame.
Next, pull the mesh up towards the top of the wreath frame and bring it to the pipe cleaner directly above. (It should be roughly parallel to the pipe cleaner you just twisted mesh around at the frame’s bottom.) Gather and adjust the mesh a bit to make a pleat, and pouf it out a little. Twist the top chenille pipe cleaner around the mesh to fasten it in place.
Continue to unwind the mesh across the wreath frame in a zig-zag fashion, securing it with the pipe cleaners at the top and bottom each time. As you work, continue to pouf out the mesh in the center of the wreath, so that you create a bit of roundness in the middle, just like a real pumpkin.
When you reach the final pipe cleaner, cut the mesh free, leaving a tail that’s at least 12″ long. Twist the tail through the frame to hide it at the wreath’s back.
Once your pumpkin is in place, push all the long chenille pipe cleaner tails to the back side of the wreath to hide them. Trim away the ends so they can’t scratch your hanging surface.
Now it’s time to make the pumpkin’s stem and vines. Wrap the narrow green mesh to create a 12″ loop, then repeat twice more so you have three loops together. Twist an orange chenille stem around the middle of the loops, forming a bow. With scissors, cut the loops open at each end, then wire this green, leafy piece to the top of your pumpkin wreath.
Finally, bend the stem of a floral pick and place it just where the orange and green mesh meet at the top of the wreath. If you like, add a little hot glue to keep the pick extra-secure. Now, you’re ready to hang your pumpkin wreath.