DIY of the Week: Printed Table Runner

Even though your Thanksgiving gathering may be smaller this year, that doesn’t mean you can’t still make it special. This simple DIY from Design Improvised makes your table look festive and fun without having to spend a lot on decor. Here’s how it’s done!

  • Roll of butcher or kraft paper
  • Leaf stencil or real leaves
  • Craft paint in your choice of colors
  • Foam brush

How to Make Stenciled Table Runner

1. Unroll your paper and cut to size to fit your table. Be sure to allow a little extra to hang off each edge of the table. Depending on the width of the paper you may want to fold it under to make the runner narrower. Handle the paper with some care to avoid putting too many wrinkles in it.

2. Using your stencil and craft paint start making whatever pattern you want down the middle of the runner. I chose to scatter my different leaves down the middle, all heading in the same direction. You can also paint directly onto a leaf and press it onto the runner, but it won’t look as polished as using a stencil.

3. Let dry and roll up the runner until you plan to use it!