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How To Contact Swagbucks

Have you ever come across an issue on Swagbucks and wondered how to get in contact with us? How do you report missing SB? Do you have a general question you’d like answered right away? Well, here’s a list of ways you can contact us and get the answer you are looking for:


Customer Service:


If you are missing SB, have questions about a gift card or any other customer service related issue, visit our Help Center.  You can find an answer to most questions through our help center FAQs or you can submit a request to our Customer Support team. Create a ticket based on your issue and receive a receive a resolution within 5 business days.




Has your account been deactivated? Do you have an “email for approval” status on your gift cards? You will need to create a ticket with Compliance. You will use the Help Center and create a ticket under: Account Question (Compliance). You can expect up to a  10 business day wait for a full resolution to a Compliance ticket.


Nominate yourself or a friend for Rewarding Moments:


If you would like to nominate another member to be featured on Rewarding Moments, please create a video and either post it on Twitter (make sure to include @swagbucks and #SBgoodpeople in your message), post it on our Facebook wall or send a link (or it) via email to goodpeople@swagbucks.com. Send us an email to let us know no matter what. If we choose that story, the person you nominate will get 1,000 SB and you will get 500 SB


General Questions:


If you have general questions about the site, want to interact with fellow Swaggernauts or find out what is happening on the site, the Swagbucks Facebook page is a great resource. We even have different pages per country so you can interact with Swaggernauts in your country. You can get answers in real time from our U.S. Facebook moderator Monday-Friday 9AM PT-5PM PT/


–    US Wall: https://www.facebook.com/swagbucks

–     Canada Wall: https://www.facebook.com/SwagbucksCA

–     UK Wall: https://www.facebook.com/SwagbucksUK

–    Australia Wall: https://www.facebook.com/SwagbucksAU