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Important notice regarding coupons

If you shop for groceries, printing coupons via Swagbucks comes with many bonuses. In addition to saving money on your shopping trip, you can earn 1 SB for every coupon you print up to 100 per day along with 10 SB for every coupon you redeem.

However, its important to note, if you are having issues being awarded for coupon prints, it could be that the device you use to print grocery coupons is associated directly with Coupons.com or with another Coupons.com affiliate. Coupons.com used to require installation of their coupon printer driver in order to track and reward coupon redemptions, but that process has changed. It now requires users to mobile verify to ensure each coupon printing account is associated with a real user.

Although their mobile verify solution bypasses the need to install the coupon printer, it has limitations. When you mobile verify, your device is associated with the program and user account active at the time of verification. This means only one person and one account per device can earn SB for printing and redeeming coupons, so if you share a device with multiple Swagbucks members, only the one who mobile verified will be credited for coupon prints.

If you mobile verified directly with Coupons.com or via another program that offers rewards for coupons, then your device is associated with that program instead of Swagbucks and unfortunately cannot earn coupon printing or redemption SB via our program.


Thank you,

Team Swagbucks