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Watch Update

Here at Swagbucks we work very hard at providing exciting ways for our valued members to earn SB throughout their day. One of the easiest and most fun ways for members to earn is by watching our video playlists. Whether you use them complete your To-Do List or as a nice reprieve from finding the next great deal in Shop, watching our playlists can be a great way to catch up on the latest entertainment news or perhaps find a new recipe for tonight’s dinner.

We take no joy in making changes that might cause you to have to work a bit harder to earn your SB but sometimes because of conditions beyond our control, we have no other choice. January is one of those times.

We are making some changes to the length of our standard playlists in the Watch category. While the SB reward amounts will remain unchanged, we are going to be asking you to watch a few more videos—but we will try to make them as enjoyable as possible! Starting tonight video playlists will be rewarded as follows:

15 Video Playlist: 1 SB (per completion)
25 Video Playlist: 2 SB (per completion)
30 Video Playlist: 3 SB (per completion)

Please know that we are always evaluating how we can better serve our members in this area. Keep an eye out for new, more exciting content and fun, special promotions where you can earn a few extra SB for watching the videos you love.

Team Swagbucks