Updating your Email Address on Swagbucks

Imagine winning an Apple TV, a laptop, or even $1,000 and never knowing about it! That would be terrible, right? Well you’d be surprised how often our Swagstakes winners never know they’ve won because they have an old email address listed on their Swagbucks account!

For today’s Tuesday Tips, we want to talk about the importance of making sure your email address is up to date on your Swagbucks account. If you enter any Swagstakes at all, you definitely want your current email address on your account because that’s how you’ll be contacted if you win. Also, if we are giving away an item that comes in different colors or sizes, we may reach out to ask for your preference.

Similarly, if you are redeeming your SB for Rewards, as you know you receive your digital gift cards via email. If your email is not up to date, you won’t get your hard earned gift cards!

Another helpful tip when it comes to your email address is including it in your customer service tickets. It’s much easier for our customer service representatives to look up your account when you provide the correct email address, especially if you are writing in from an email that is different than the one on your Swagbucks account. But, as I mentioned earlier, its beneficial to you to use your primary email address for Swagbucks.

If you do need to update the email address on your account, follow these steps.

-Login to your account.

-Go to My Settings.

-Enter Password.

-Click ‘Edit’ in the account information section.

-You will then find a space to change your email address.