DIY Of The Week: CD Mirror

If you’re like me, you have tons of CDs in your room and you don’t know what to do with them. You can donate them to your local thrift store OR you can use them to make a really cool CD mirror as seen on Intuition Physician.

Photo courtesy of Intuition Physician

Here’s what you’ll need:

Old CD’s
One towel
A hammer
Hot Glue Gun
An old mirror of your choice


This is so easy to do!

  1. Put one CD into a towel and fold it over. Make sure it’s folded over the entire cd so that fragments don’t go flying.
  2. Use the hammer to break the CD apart. Please do this carefully so that you do not injure yourself!
  3. Make sure your hot glue gun is ready to go and once you have enough CD fragments, glue them alongside your mirror.
  4. Set it aside to dry for a few hours and you now have a unique and iridescent mirror!
  5. Pick up any loose fragments that didn’t make it on the mirror so no one steps on it and hurts themselves!