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Maximize your SB Earning Potential!

Did you know that you can earn Daily Bonuses for the activities you’re already doing on Swagbucks? 

Activate your Daily Goal Meter today and start getting bonuses on SB you earn throughout the site, every single day! Plus, when you activate your goal for the first time, you get a 5 Bonus SB

Here’s how it works: 

First, you click on the “Activate,” button on your Swagbucks homepage. You’ll find this button at the top of the site. For our members who’ve been around for a while, don’t worry if you’ve forgotten to do this, you can activate your Daily Goal Meter at any time!  

After clicking “Activate” you’re ready to start tracking your earnings! 

Each day you’ll have two goals to reach: Goal 1 and Total Goal. You’ll earn bonuses every day you hit Goal 1 and an even bigger bonus when you hit your total goal!

You can claim your bonus SB starting on the 5th of each month until 11:59 pm PT on the 20th

Here are some essential things to take note of, regarding the Daily Goal Meter:

  1. There are two goals each day. One goal is a personalized goal based on your SB earning behavior. The other goal, which a community goal which is the same for all members. 
  2. You can also earn additional bonuses by hitting Streaks! Clicking “Show My Winning Streaks” will roll out a list of all the badges you can earn each month. Unlock them as you go throughout the month, and you’ll maximize your bonus potential!