Tips & Tricks: Discover Offers

HULU, DoorDash, Home Chef and BarkBox. These are just a few of the great Discover offers that we’ve had on our site over the years. At Swagbucks, we are proud that we are able to provide you with the ability to discover a new product while earning SB!

To best make a rewarding experience for everyone involved and to guarantee you earn your SB, there are a few guidelines we hope everyone can follow:

  • Must have a sincere interest in the product
  • Must complete offer through a link from our Social Media channels or directly through the Swagbucks site.
  • Must enter valid information when completing the activity: real name, address and email. (We strongly suggest using the email address listed on your Swagbucks account).
  • Do not use any coupon codes unless it was provided by Swagbucks.
  • Refrain from using any adblock software that may block our system from confirming your activity completion. 
  • Must use valid payment when completing the purchase. Members should not use any pre-paid or temporary credit cards when signing up for offers.
  • Do not quick cancel, refund, or alter your purchase once it’s made. Refer to offer disclaimer for restrictions and credit delays.
  • If you see a glitch one of our offers, it should be reported to Compliance immediately. Choose the topic: Terms of Use and Deactivation. Depending on the severity of the bug/exploit a reward may be provided.

We thank you in advance for complying with these guidelines and if you have any questions about Discover offers please reach out to us on our Facebook or Help Desk.