Share The SB: Refer Your Friends & Family

For all of our newbies out there, when you refer your friends and family you can earn a 300 SB Bonus plus 10% of your referral earnings for life! You can earn another 100 SB if they add the SwagButton extension on their laptop or desktop.

Here’s how you and your referral get the 300 SB Bonus:

  1. Refer someone to Swagbucks by sending an email or sharing your referral link on social media.. 
  2. Once your referral earns 300 SB in their first month you both get a 300 SB Bonus! 

Here’s how it works:

In the past your referrals needed to earn 300 SB in the month they were referred. As of June 29th, 2019, your referral now has a full 30 days from the date they joined to earn 300 SB. 

For example: If your referral signs up on August 15th, they will have until September 15th to earn 300 SB and be eligible for the bonus. Bonuses will be credited to yours and your referrals account the day after they qualify.

Also, if you missed the blog about our Swag Button Referral Bonus, check it out here! Get an extra 100 SB when someone you refer adds the SwagButton on their laptop or desktop. Check out our FAQ here.


When will the 300 SB Bonuses be credited?

The 300 SB Bonuses will credit the day after your new referral earns 300 SB.

How do I earn referral SB?

Shop, Search, Watch, Play, Answer, Discover.  This includes everything found in the drop-down menus such as Daily Poll, Activities, Coupons and Tasks. Every earn on a mobile app contributes too.  

You will continue to earn 10% for as long as your referral is active on, with no maximum limit. Categories that do not count towards 10%: Sign-up bonus, Swag Codes, Daily Goal Bonuses, MyGiftCardsPlus Bonuses; others may be added. 

Find more information here.

How can I get an extra 100 SB from my referral?

Be sure to use your Swagbutton url when referring your friends to the site.  Once they install the Swagbutton, you will be eligible for the extra 100 SB within 14 days.  This is available through this link to the right of the page: