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Do The Swagbucks Shuffle

Would you like to share how Swagbucks has made your life a little richer? If Swagbucks has given you a rewarding moment, we want to feature you in a TV Commercial telling your story.

We’ve created a special dance for you to show how Swagbucks has made your life a little richer. It’s called the Swagbucks Shuffle. We want to see a video of you doing the Swagbucks Shuffle and telling us how Swagbucks has made your life a little richer. 

Follow these steps to participate.

  1. First, learn how to do the Swagbucks Shuffle dance. Watch the Swagbucks Shuffle instructional video to learn the dance steps.
  2. Next, download the Swagbucks Shuffle music to play when you record your dance moves:  https://www.swagbucks.com/g/l/69obvf
  3. Grab your phone and press record (preferably in portrait/vertical mode)
The Swagbucks Shuffle

Calling all Swaggernauts… Upload a video of yourself doing the Swagbucks Shuffle Dance to this Facebook Post and receive 100 SB! But that’s not all, we may choose your video for an upcoming TV Commercial. For full details on how to qualify for the 100 SB Bonus check out our blog post: https://us.blog.swagbucks.com/2020/06/do-the-swagbucks-shuffle.htmlWe can't wait to see do the #SwagbucksShuffle!

Posted by Swagbucks on Tuesday, June 23, 2020
Learn How to Do The Swagbucks Shuffle

It gets better – we’ll give the first 200 qualified video submissions 500 SB and 10,000 SB if we use your video in the commercial!

In order to qualify for 500 SB, please include a video of yourself sharing how Swagbucks has made your life a little richer followed by your best rendition of the Swagbucks Shuffle dance. Members will only be awarded for one qualified submission. The first 1,000 submissions are eligible for this award.

Upload your Swagbucks Shuffle video to this Facebook post or email them to rewardingmoments@swagbucks.com. Make sure to include your Swag Name in your post or email. If we select your video to feature in our commercial, we’ll reach out to you via the email address you have on file with Swagbucks. In addition, if you submit a Swagbucks Shuffle video to our Facebook page, we may republish it on Swagbucks’ Instagram, TikTok and YouTube profiles.

You have until Tuesday, June 30, 2020 to submit your Swagbucks Shuffle video. We will credit your 500 SB award no later than Thursday, July 2, 2020.

Additional Fine Print Related to this Program.

A) A Qualified Video Submission must follow these guidelines:

  1. You must record yourself in portrait/vertical mode.
  2. You must clearly say how Swagbucks has made your life a little richer.
  3. You must record yourself doing the Swagbucks Shuffle.
  4. You must post your video as a comment to the Swagbucks Shuffle Facebook Post or email it to rewardingmoments@swagbucks.com.
  5. Your submission must include your Swag Name
  6. You must not reference brand names or appear in the video wearing branded logo apparel. If you want to share that Swagbucks has made your life richer by allowing you to take a dream Disney vacation, we would prefer that you say something like: “a dream theme-park vacation”.

B) You may only use the APM Track (JUM_0155 #133) Music track to create the Swagbucks Shuffle Video. You may not use APM Track (JUM_0155 #133) for any other purpose.