Member Recognition Program Announcement!

Last year, we launched our Member Recognition Program to celebrate Members’ loyalty to Swagbucks, based on lifetime SB earned. The Member Recognition Program is also part of our commitment to create rewarding moments and infuse “fun” into the Swagbucks experience.

For our newer members who may not be familiar with the Member Recognition Program, it has 10 levels of recognition based on your lifetime SB. A set of rewarding benefits accompany each Level. As Members work their way through the Recognition Levels, they enjoy each Level’s corresponding benefits. If you haven’t joined the Member Recognition Program yet, now’s the time!

Today, we’re excited to announce that your Member Recognition Page received a major facelift! Your new page will feature 

  • Your most recently earned badges
  • A link to your badge collection page that showcases all the badges you’ve earned along with the badges that are available for collecting.
  • Your Daily Goal Streaks 
  • Available Swag Ups and Member Level Benefits 
  • SB earned by category 

Click here to see your exclusive Member Recognition Page! 

Check it out today and don’t forget to share your page with your friends and family. It’s a great way to get new referrals! 

To share your page, simply copy the URL and paste it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, in an email, really anywhere you want to share your Swagbucks successes.