Subscribe to Winc and earn 2,500 SB!

Wine lovers, this one’s for you. Have you heard of Winc? It’s a subscription based wine delivery service that sends you wines based on your preferences and drinking habits. 

You start by taking a Palate Profile quiz and answering questions like “How do you take your coffee?” and “How do you feel about citrus?” to help gauge your palate and taste preferences, which they then use to determine which wines to send you. After you receive and drink your wines, you can rate them to get even better and more tailored-to-you bottles in your next delivery.

The best part is that when you sign up for Winc through Swagbucks, not only will you get $20 off your first order, you’ll also earn 2,500 SB. That’s essentially $45 off! This only applies to subscriptions so be sure you are signing up to become a member. Don’t worry though, you can always skip a month or cancel at any time. However, we think you’ll love having wine carefully selected based on your personal tastes and delivered right to your door! Subscribing to Winc takes the guesswork out of picking out which wines you’ll like, and is great for wine novices and experts alike because they offer so many different options. Sign up today to get 2,500 SB!