Tuesday Tips and Tricks

Every week, we’ll feature top tips and tricks from other Swagbucks members! Lookout for our bi- weekly Facebook post asking for your tips and tricks, if you’re chosen and featured in this blog, you’ll earn 100 SB! These members have taken the time to share with us how they use their time on Swagbucks to earn the most everyday. We hope some of these tips & tricks will help you navigate through our site better and help you find a more efficient way to earn!

Here are 5 tips from your fellow Swaggernauts to help you earn SB and navigate through Swagbucks!

fawaazwilliams4 says: So I have a very long list to do everyday and I keep this routine consistent So I do the daily poll first .Then I go to watch since who dosent like getting SB’s for just watching videos I then go check if there are surveys available and I try to go for the higher Swagbucks with the lowest time frame I then check to see if there are any deals for me on Discover Then later in the day I go to Swagbucks social media accounts to see if there are any deals , promo codes or collector bills and that is what I do to earn some.

LiMarie473 says: We play SB Live every night as a family. My daughter gets the Disney ones right every time! lol Fun and earning SBs!

lauren91484 says: Join fun activities like Swago and team challenges. The comments in team challenges give me more tips like some of the watch activities with higher values. I save the links and now use them every day.

MandyMomof3 says: I always work my way through the to do list. I for sure get at least the first bonus every day, if I can get a survey completed, then I get both bonuses. If I am having a hard time hitting my goal on any given day, I always turn to in store deals. There is almost always something that we will use and is a great deal with the cash back. The in store deals always help me reach my goal.

GrammyCatherine says: With Covid restrictions I’ve been doing more curbside pick ups. I make my order on Swagbucks and choose the curbside pick up option and earn sb without having to pay shipping charges or wait weeks for delivery. Michaels is my favorite! Easy and safe at the same time!