Introducing Swagit!

In a time where social media is coming under scrutiny for fanning the flames of negativity and division, we are launching an entirely new platform focused on inspiration, growth, positivity, and being rewarded…we bring you Swagit! Available now for iPhone and Android

The short videos on Swagit are inspiring, entertaining, and rewarding! Life hacks, tips and tricks, charity spotlights, funny pet moments, and moving inspirational stories. Swagit is a positive community of creators and fans, focused on spreading joy, inspiration and positivity, and Swagit simultaneously gives content creators a way to earn with SB! 

And that’s not all…the SB Editorial team will be giving 1 Million SB to members that post the best videos we find! We’re looking for the most inspirational, motivational, uplifting, life changing and positive videos. You could earn up to 100 SB per video so post your best to get this party started! 

GET IT – Download the app, check out the inspirational content and share your stories, life hacks, and more! Be rewarded by fans and fellow creators who can send you SB directly in the app! 

GIVE IT – Earn SB by posting video content that others love or pay it forward to your favorite charity, creator, fans or friends on Swagit!

SWAGIT! – Encourage others to share their stories, highlight their favorite causes and charities, and get involved in making the world a little better one fun video and one SB at a time… 

Let’s try to keep all content positive, fun, and family friendly. Feel free to upload past video content or to create new. Include descriptions! Your video’s description will scroll along the bottom as the video plays, so have fun with the descriptions and hashtags! 

We are still rolling out more features, we would love any thoughts and ideas on what you’d like to see in future updates.

Thank you and have fun as you GET IT – GIVE IT – SWAGIT! 

Download SwagIt! Now for iOS or Android.