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Today’s Top Ten Results From Tuesday

This was a close one. In the end, our Frenchie won out with 53% of the votes

There was no competition, James Bond won with 72% of the votes! 

While some of us at Swagbucks Headquarters opt for Red Vines our Swaggernauts overwhelmingly picked Twizzlers with 80% of the vote. 

It comes in many forms, but the caffeine-packed cup of joe won the competition with 72% of you choosing coffee over tea. 

There’s no surprise with this matchup, Sweets won with 77% of the vote. 

While they both pack a citrus punch, only one is a favorite among our Swaggernauts. Lemons won with 76% of the vote. 

Are you still watching? Our Swaggernuats are! Netflix won the vote with 74% of the vote. 

This was another close one but Iron Man won with 55% of the vote. 

We thought too cold would be a runaway but it only won with 55% of the vote. 

Team Dragon Fruit won this one and is currently the second-place team on our Tropical Fruits Team Challenge