Introducing our Advent Calendar Swago Board

Get ready for a delightful twist this holiday season with our Advent Calendar-themed Swago board!

What is an advent calendar? Modern Advent calendars are a treat-filled way of marking off the days leading up to Christmas! They typically start on Dec. 1 and continue up to Dec. 25, though there are alternatives available such as the 12 Days of Christmas countdown calendars.

Our Advent Calendar Swago board will be live from 8am PT/11am ET on Friday, December 1st until 11:59pm PT on December 26th. This promotion is available to our U.S. members only.

Here’s the fun part: each day at 12am PT/3am ET, a new activity will appear on the Advent Calendar Swago board for you to complete and mark off. The catch? You only have that particular day to cross off the corresponding square. Be sure to check back after 12am PT/3am ET every day the Advent Calendar Swago board is live so you don’t miss a square!

The task on each square will be different every day: a Swag Code to redeem (that is available all day), a visit to a Swagbucks merchant or visiting a Swagbucks merchant via the SwagButton. For the Swag Code squares, be sure to click on the square itself because that will lead you directly to the Shop merchant page where you can find the code. That code will be available for 24 hours.

You will have until 11:59pm PT on December 26th to submit your board to earn up to a $5.00 Bonus!

Happy Holidays, Swaggernauts!